Annabelle Mona

Your dog’s nose twitches as the eyes hold a steady gaze. The nose moves rapidly the way your eyes flit from left to right, vertically and horizontally, like studying the products in a grocery store. Folding, creeping, wafting, sputtering scent colors the inside of a dog's mind. Blindfolded, a dog could still tell you exactly where she sits in your house. No dog has ever needed a microscope.

My paintings and prints are an ode to the immensity and variability of experience and sensation, borne out of inspiration from my playful and observant dog. Graphic intensity mashed up with painterly gesture translate human visual experience with story time, poetry and most importantly, playfulness.

Snuffling Deeply in the Grass Acrylic on Paper 18" by 18" July 2023

A visual portrayal of my dog's olfactory experience of backyard grass.